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Enjoy this day, because it’s Halloween.
Drink expensive wine you’ve never seen.
Call your friends, have a party on the beach.
Without shy don’t hesitate to be a witch!

May all the witches fly aside
And only luck be by your side.
May working vampires not suck your blood!
Happy holiday! Have again a relaxing flood!

С Хэллоуином (перевод)
Автор: pozdravok.ru
Dress up as Dracula or a dark queen,
Spend a good time on Halloween.
Try to be as mad as a March hare
And get at this day the lion’s share.

Try this day to trick — or-treat.
Drink cocktails, eat fried meat.
Confronting the power of death
Remember the dead — it’s wealth.

Автор: pozdravok.ru
It’s time to wrap things up.
Take your pumpkin and stand up!
Get lots of treats tonight.
May you have a crazy night.

Try not to commit today a crime,
Wishing you a smashing time!
Happy Halloween, my brightest sun,
Have today lots of spooky fun!

Хэллоуин — канун Дня всех святых
Автор: pozdravok.ru
Pumpkins, candles, scarecrows in
House is full of fear. Let the fest!
Starting celebration of Halloween —
Possibly, this day is of the best.

Why you look so frightened, what do you fear?
It’s a joke, not serious. Please, stay!
I will make some hot mulled wine, my dear.
And tomorrow we’ll meet All Saints’ Day!
Автор: pozdravok.ru

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