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Search for Christ into your heart,
To be a good man is a great art!
May your life be full of blessings,
Put off of your heart the dirty dresses!

Get ready to welcome a new life,
Which will be beautiful and rife.
Easter basket has joy and peace,
Have good health and no disease!

(перевод в стихах)
Автор: pozdravok.ru
Leave behind sadness, pain or regrets.
Have a new start with good moments.
May Easter Bunny bring you health,
And a basket of unbelievable wealth!

You have been waiting for these greetings,
Happy Easter wishes and family meetings.
May Christ shine bless you than ever.
May peace live in your heart forever!

Автор: pozdravok.ru
Look! Easter is coming to our place!
Everyone gets his spiritual faith.
I wish you peace all over the world,
Spend your days without a sword.

May bright sunshine fill your heart,
May your life’s road be not so hard.
I wish you success, family warmth
And all the goodness on the Earth!

С Пасхой (перевод)
Автор: pozdravok.ru

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